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Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon Enemy Guide

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#1 Nin3DS

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Posted 09 April 2013 - 01:20 PM

In Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, there are plenty of ghosts you have to fight to clear the various mansions.  But given their different attacks and strategies, some people may have a bit of trouble when it comes to catching them.  So here's my Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon ghost/enemy catching guide to help everyone out.








HP: 10-20, maybe more


Damage Caused: 20 HP


Vault Description:


They like to tinker with things they shouldn’t and wield everyday objects as weapons. First, find a way to disarm them, then stun them with your flashlight when the time is right.


They like to tinker with things they shouldn’t and wield everyday objects as weapons. First, find a way to disarm them, then stun them with your torch when the time is right.


The jack of all trades in Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, these common ghosts are very resourceful and take advantage of their environment well.


The basic forms float around aimlessly and attack by punching.  Just blast them with the Strobulb and suck them up with the Poltergust 5000.


Others however have weapons, shields or helmets.  For these, you can either wait until they're stunned after attacking then blast them with the Strobulb (which will cause them to drop their weapons and become normal Greenies), or you can flash the Dark Light on them to make them 'mock' you, at which point they're also vulnerable to the Strobulb.


There are also variants which disguise themselves as Mummies.  Found only in the Old Clockworks and Treacherous Mansion, these will lumber slowly towards you and do damage on collision.  To defeat these, you flash them with the Strobulb to make 'em charge, and then let them either hit a wall or a flaming torch. The former knocks them over and lets you pull the bandages off, the latter sets the bandages on fire and lets you attack them as normal.


They'll also possess suits of armour and try and hit you with weapons.  These guys are defeated by pulling away the rug underneath them with the Poltergust and sucking them up when they're driven out the armour.  They're only found in Treacherous Mansion.


Finally, some variants have shields. These can only be broken with a charge equal or stronger than the colour of the shield. So for a blue shield, you need a level one charge, for a green shield you need a level two charge and for a red shield, you need a level three charge.  After that, defeat them as normal, the shields don't respawn.


P.S. Other ghosts also get shields in the ScareScraper, like Gobbers, Slammers, Sneakers and Hiders.


P.P.S. In Dutch, they're called Groentje. This means both Greenie and Freshman (as in first year school/college student), perfectly in keeping with the Possessor names being ones you can call college professors.


HP: 30 HP (may be 40 or more in ScareScraper)
Damage Caused: 20 HP
Vault Description:

They might look like ruthless brutes, but these tender fellers have a heart of gold under normal circumstances. Just don’t let them give you a round of applause!


They might look like ruthless brutes, but these ghosts usually have a heart of gold. Right now, though, they ARE ruthless brutes, so watch out for shockwaves when they clap!

The tough 'brute' or 'bully' ghosts from Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, these guys try and cause a shockwave that knocks Luigi off his feet and does significant damage.  They're also the second most common basic ghost in the whole game.
Interestingly, these guys seem to be a bit bipolar and react to various things happening in the area.  If you get hit (or sometimes if another ghost gets hit), they can randomly end up laughing at the victim's misfortune.  Additionally, if you hit them with a Strobulb blast and not suck them up in one go or attack the other ghosts in the room, this sets them off and causes them turn angry, at which point they'll come after Luigi and try and attack him.
My advice with these is to take care of them as quickly as possible, and maybe try and lure multiple Slammers into a group so you can capture them all at once.  That way they won't dive into a fight on the other side of the room and send you flying, breaking up your attacks and causing you to lose hold of any ghosts you're trying to capture.




HP: 15-20
Damage caused: About 20
Vault Description:

These clever fellows love playing hide-and-seek. A bit impatient though, so if you take too long to find them, they'll start throwing things at you! Stay on your toes!

An annoying poltergeist type monster (not to be confused with the boss) that hides in objects, the Hider can often be one of the more annoying enemies you face in Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon.  They hide in objects, then when you're distracted try and hit you in the back of the head with thrown fireballs or trip you over with banana peels.
To catch them easily, I'd recommend you do a few things.  First of all, DON'T reveal any hidden furniture.  Seriously, they can only 'possess' objects that are visible and solid, so by not revealing more furniture, you're limiting where the Hider can hide.  Secondly, you should get rid of them first.  This is because unlike Creepers or other mostly 'passive' enemies, they can and will move to spots where they've got a good line of sight on Luigi and try and chuck things at him.  And this will break up your attacks if you're in the wrong place. So get rid of them first to reduce any annoyances to yourself and other players.


Vault Description: 

These ghosts are swift and cunning. They love to turn invisible and sneak up behind the targets of their pranks, so use the Dark-Light Device to catch them in the act!


These ghosts are swift and cunning. They love to turn invisible an sneak up behind the targets of their pranks, so use the Dark-Light Device to catch them out!

Invisible ghosts that try and scare Luigi, these act as sort of like a cross between the grabbing and ceiling ghosts from the original Luigi's Mansion.
The first thing you need to know is that they have two attacks.  One is just to scare Luigi, this is entirely harmless but can stun him long enough for another ghost to get a hit in.  The second is to actually push Luigi, this does about 20 damage and is kind of annoying.  Either way, if you dodge either attack (fairly easy given how they appear a split second beforehand), you get to see the Sneaker shake its fist as if saying 'drat!'
Another thing to keep in mind is that you can see them while invisible if you watch the environment carefully.  In sand or snow, they leave a trail of stuff that marks their exact route.  On ice, their bodies are visibly reflected below their location.  And if you have the Dark Light, you can shine it around and see the position of the Sneaker if it hits them.  And the Dark Light Goggles (a multiplayer only item) let you see them at all times despite invisibility).
My advice for those trying to catch them is simple.  Lower your guard a bit, sneak around and blast the Strobulb away from you, this will often catch the ghost out just before it materialises.  Additionally, don't stand still while sucking one in, they almost always come in at least pairs and may even come in threes, so anyone catching one should be aware of the other two or three that are probably sneaking up on them right there and then.
An annoying enemy but not one that should give you too much trouble overall.




HP: Infinite (one charged attack will destroy it, like a Possessor)


Damage Caused: Unknown (gradual over time)


Vault Description:


These gooey ghosts just love to cuddle, and they’ll never want to let you go. But after the Dark Moon broke apart, they forgot about the cuddling part. Watch out for them on floors and ceilings!


These gooey ghosts love to cuddle and hold you tight. But when the Dark Moon broke apart, they forgot about the cuddling part. Watch out for them above and below!


Purple puddle like trap ghosts which hide in the floor, these pop out and trap Luigi inside when he approaches. They sort of have infinite HP, so sucking them in with the Poltergust alone won't do it.  However, given that any one 'charged' attack will immediately defeat a Creeper, this does mean you can abuse this health system to get a lot of gold... just max out the bar before you suck it in.


Normally, these come in the form of purple puddles.  If Luigi walks over one, the ghost will pop up and trap him inside, causing gradual damage.  If this hapens, mash the button to get out.


So how do you defeat one easily? Well one way is to get caught, break out and then strobulb flash and suck up the smaller ones that form. Another way is to get the Poltergust 5000 and either suck/blow on the purple puddle to make the Creeper form for a while, and then Strobulb blast + suck it in right there.  You can also use the Dark Light to make them visible.


P.S. Some bosses generate weak versions that become small Creepers upon landing.  These ones should be killed by blasting them with the Strobulb flash and sucking them up since they'll never form a full size Creeper.



HP: 100
Damage Caused: 5 HP (goop, if you trip), 0 HP (sometimes if you trip), 20 HP (if they slam into you)


Vault Description:


Their appetite is…ah…formidable. With stomachs that lack physical boundaries, they won’t hesitate to devour everything around them! Be wary of the puddles of…goo.


Their appetite is formidable, and given that their stomachs have no physical boundaries, they just devour everything around them! Be wary of the puddles of goo.

Giant fat ghosts with a never ending appetite, these are basically mini bosses in all but name.  They appear at random (usually from the ceiling), have about 100 HP and spit a never ending amount of unknown goop (which causes Luigi to trip over), and they're quite annoying to fight in general.
So my advice here is as follows.  To start, these guys are almost always accompanied by other ghosts (usually holding food).  Capture these guys first to stop them getting in the way.
Next, don't ever press B when sucking them in.  This is because jumping brings you closer to the Gobber rather than away from it, and usually leaves you in a prime position for the enemy to leap forward and knock you flying. Instead, walk around the Gobber slowly (or side to side if there's not enough room), carefully moving out the way of its goo attacks and blasting the Gobber with charged shots when possible. It's always going to be an annoying battle, but it can be made much easier with this advice.
Oh, and if it gets in the way, you can suck up the stuff they spit with the Poltergust 5000.  Not very useful, but can clear a safe path.
Gold Greenie

These greedy Greenies traded their slimy bodies for ones made of molten gold! Can't say I blame them.

Health: Between 10 and 20 HP
Damage caused: 0 (most just run away), 20 HP (the ones in hockey gear)
The 'reward' enemy of the game, these guys are often found hidden in various locations and give a huge amount of gold when sucked up.  Additionally, they're generally crucial to catch if after a 3 Star rating, so you'll probably need to catch each and every one in any mission you want to perfect.
So where can you find them?  Here's a short list of Gold Greenie locations:

Haunted Towers
B-2: In the courtyard, you may have noticed that a stepping stone to the East of the room isn't there no more.  So reveal it again with the Dark Light, then stand on it to make a Gold Greenie cutout appear in the hedge.  Fire a spike ball at it to reveal the Gold Greenie, and capture it as normal.


B-3: Blow out the candles near the two coffins in the Crypt.
B-4: Examine the hollow tree to the right of the mansion entrance to make this Gold Greenie appear.


B-5: Inspect the drawer on the third floor of the Toolshed Stairs.


Old Clockworks


C-1: Yank the chains hanging from the ceiling in the Workshop.


C-3: On the 1st floor of the Warehouse, chase the treasure chest to a dead end and open it to reveal the Gold Greenie.


Secret Mine
A: Suck up the bear rug in the Chalet by using the Poltergust 5000 on its tail to reveal a Gold Greenie.
B and C: In the ice rink, find a hockey puck near the invisible door.  Hold it by sucking it in with the Poltergust 5000 and fire it into the goal at the North end of the pond.  This will make two hockey gear wearing Gold Greenies appear (yes, these ones are actually armed and try and attack you!), so dodge their attack and suck 'em up like you would a normal hockey gear using Greenie.
D : Pull the two lures on the wall near the fish head statue to make the final Gold Greenie of the mission appear.




A: In the Shaft, you'll see a Gold Greenie go by with a gem near the bottom.  Pull the gem away and suck him in as normal, he's perfectly within reach.


B: In the Deep Hall, look through the crack in the wall to the left. You'll see a Gold Greenie in a room.  Go back and you'll find not only the Gold Greenie has entered the room you're in, but also that a Sneaker was behind you and Luigi has now just tripped over him.  Capture both of them.


D-3: Go to the Pit Mine and activate the machine to make a large piece of gold fall onto the conveyer belt.  It'll be warped to the Deep Hall like anything else, so in here pick it up and melt it with the fire to make a Gold Greenie appear.
Treacherous Mansion
E-1: Go to the garden area, and suck away the fake wall near the dog kennel. Go left to a small cemetary area, blow out the candles with the Poltegust and a Gold Greenie will appear.
E-2: Enter the hallway to the North of the Dark Ages Exhibit, and use your Dark Light to the left to unveil a hidden table/chest of drawers.  Open the thing to reveal another Gold Greenie.
A: In the Space Exhibit, one is hiding in the rocket in the North East corner of the display.  Pulling the fuse does nothing but cause him to laugh at you.  So what do you do to get to him?  Well first, go to the Jungle Exhibit via the warp portal and pick up a log.  Then, take it to the Ancient Exhibit and light the log on fire, and then return to the Space Exhibit where you use the lit log to light the rocket fuse.
Leave the room after the rocket takes off, wait for a loud bang as it crash lands and suck up the Gold Greenie as he's dazed.
B: In the Archives, check the cardboard boxes in the following order:

  • South West
  • North East
  • North West
  • South East

This will make a Gold Greenie appear.
If you know of any more Gold Greenie locations, tell me and I'll add them.  They don't fight differently to a normal Greenie, so just follow any advice given there.
Super Greenie


HP: 50


Vault Description:


The Crystals of the mine have really changed these charming fellows. They're now much stronger and more able to get into shenanigans. Don't let them get equipped!


Identical to a normal Greenie in attack pattern, but now has strange markings all over its body and more health.  Refer to the normal Greenie strategy for advice.
Super Slammer


HP: 150


Vault Description:


Whoever strengthened these bullies by putting them into the crystals had only one thing in mind: creating ghosts strong enough to crush rocks into dust with a single blow.


Whoever put these bullies into crystals had only one thing in mind: creating ghosts strong enough to crush rocks to dust with a single blow.


Identical to a normal Slammer attack wise, now has strange markings and more health.  See strategy about normal Slammers.
Super Hider



HP: 75


Vault Description:


Now that these ghosts have been augmented by the crystals, capturing them is even trickier. It’s best to wait until they show themselves to stun them.


Now that these ghosts have undergone crystal augumentation, capturing them is a real nightmare. It’s best to wait for an opening before trying to stun them.



Identical to a normal Hider. See strategies for Hiders.

Super Sneaker


HP: 100


Vault Description:


This guy is trouble! He’s tougher and meaner than a normal sneaker, and all those marks on his body are bristling with power!


These guys really mean trouble! Tougher and meaner than normal Sneakers, and all those marks on their bodies bristle with power!


Identical to a normal Sneaker, bar HP/appearance.  See Sneaker section.
Super Gobber


HP: 300


Vault Description:


These massive, disgusting ghosts can destroy an entire mansion before you can say "Criminy! That's gross! Watch out for their flying goo, or you'll have a hard time capturing them.


Identical to a normal Gobber, bar HP and appearance.  See part about how to defeat a Gobber.






Not quite normal ghosts, not quite miscellaneous enemies, Boos are a strange monster in Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon.  Familiar Mario ghosts from the past 20+ years of games, these hide objects with Spirit Balls and then try to attack Luigi while invisible.


Damage wise, the simplest way to hurt them is to shine the Dark Light on them (makes them visible), then pull their tongue with the Poltergeist.  Let go when the bar is charged and they'll fly around the room, losing health on every hit of a wall/ceiling/object and dropping coins all the while.  Do this as many times as needed.


Please also note that with the exception of three levels (A-4, D-2 and D-4), Boos will never respawn in levels after you catch them.  So if you desperately need the money they drop for a high rank, make sure to get the Boo and the rank on the same try, since the Boo will likely never appear afterwards.  On the bright side, you never need to catch a Boo to get a decent level rank.


Boo Names/Descriptions:



Boogie Woogie

Boo-ha-ha! I'm Boogie Woogie! Hang ten, green-hatted dude!


Mission: A-1: Poltergust 5000

I'm BaBoon! Let's go boo-nanas!


Mission: A-2: Gear Up
Boo Boo

Oopsie. I made a Boo Boo...
Mission: A-3: Quiet Please!
[No speech, although he does have a funny reaction]
Note: Required to beat the mission, always respawns.
Ooga Booga

Ooga Booga! Did I scare you? My name's...wait for it...Ooga Booga!


Mission: A-5: Sticky Situation

A one, and a two, and we all love MamBoo! Except for you!


Mission: B-1: A Job for a Plumber

Am I Boolean? True or false?


Mission: B-2: The Pinwheel Gate

I'm Booluga! I used to be covered in blubber, but then I went on a die-it!


Mission: B-3: Graveyard Shift
Boo B. Trap

I always knew you'd fall for me! Boo B. Trap strikes again!


Mission: B-4: Pool Party
French Boodle

Yip yip! I'm French Boodle! Aren't I bootiful?


Mission: B-5: Doggone Key

ComBooter says 01100010 01101111 01101111!


Mission: C-1: A Timely Entrance
Note: The binary says 'Boo'

Boo ha ha! I'm Bootine...with extra gravy!
Mission: C-2: An Underground Expedition

Boodonkulous is in the building! My name makes no sense...
Mission: C-3: Roundhouse Brawl

Don't you dare call me Gumboo! My name be JamBoolaya


Note: He references a Boo from the original Luigi's Mansion in his speech.

Mission: C-4: Play Catch
Boony Raboot

Boo! You found me! Nobody hare except Boony Raboot!


Mission: C-5: Piece at Last
Note: This may be a reference to Bugs Bunny.

Hey, who turned out the lights? I'm Boofoon!
Mission: D-1: Cold Case
US Speech/Description:

I'm Booger! Why must you always pick on me?
UK Speech/Description:

I'm Boouncer! You think you can be in here? Naw, mate. Not with those shoes. Now, Clear Off!'


Mission: D-2: Hit Rock Bottom
Note: They changed this Boo's name and gimmick in the European version, probably to stop it being seen as 'immature'.  The European one is based on a Bouncer.
US Description:

I'm ParaBoola! A symmetrical open-plane curve formed by the intersection of a cone with a plane parallel to its side! I mean... BOO!


UK Description:

I'm ParaBoola! I've set my derivative to zero to be at my peak! I mean... BOO!


Mission: D-3: Across the Chasm
Note: Same name and gimmick, slightly different descriptions. Both based on a parabola:

Arf, arf! Grrrrrr... Better run from Boolldog!


Mission: E-1: Front Door Key
Boopa Troopa

Boopa Troopa, reporting for duty! The Boo armies are here, so you might as well surrender!


Mission: E-2: Double Trouble
Note: It's a reference to a common Mario enemy.  You probably knew this already.
Note 2: He always respawns.  This is because catching him is required to beat the mission.

Ahem... I am Booreaucrat! This mansion is now under the ownership of King Boo, esquire. I take it you have the proper credentials to be here, including ID and a mansion-roaming license? No? That's...unfortunate. You'll have to be penalized!


Mission: E-3: A Train to Catch
Big Boo

I may not be the king, but I sure am BIG. Big enough to crush you!


Mission: E-4: Ambush Manoeuvre
Note: He's a boss, and counts as ten Boos when caught.  As you may have guessed, he also respawns whenever you replay the mission for obvious reasons (the mission ends whenever you catch him).

I'm MaraBoo! Aren't my feathers classy?


Mission: E-5: Paranormal Chaos
Outside of ScareScraper/Thrill Tower, there's technically only one of these in the game, but he causes problems in most of the mansions from Haunted Towers onwards.
He doesn't ever actually hurt Luigi, but he's stealing of an important part or key causes the whole level to become a chase scene.
So how to find him?  Just follow the invisible footprints by using the Dark Light, and you should track him down soon enough.  And when you catch him, it's unlikely he'll ever break free.

Miscellaneous Monsters
Damage Cause by Attack: 5 HP
One of the most annoying minor enemies in the game, bats are commonly found hanging from ceilings and in cave like areas of the Secret Mine.  But did you know there's one very simple way to make these enemies into a complete joke?
Just don't use the Poltergust near them.  Yes, they only attack if the Poltergust 5000 is in use, so simply stroll up to one and blast it with the Strobulb before it can attack.  Kills the bat instantly, gives you a nice 5 G for the effort.  Similarly, in cases where you can see them in the background (like the area with the ice and treasure chest in Mission D-1), just aim at them in the background and activate the Strobulb before uncovering the treasure chest.  Much easier, causes no unnecessary health loss.


Gold Bats act like normal ones, except drop a gold bar upon being hit with a Strobulb blast.
Health: 1
Damage Cause by Attack: 5 HP
The plain old enemy spiders found in many levels, these appear either from threads on the ceiling or from objects you search.  One hit with the Strobulb will get rid of them and cause them to drop a single coin, and you can also either suck them up with the Poltergust or set them on fire with a burning object for a one hit kill.
Gold Spiders also exist, and these drop a gold bar upon defeat with a Strobulb flash.  Sometimes they appear randomly, often they appear in certain marked locations as a 'reward'.
Piranha Plant (like enemy)
These giant Venus Fly Traps are common foes in Haunted Towers and Treacherous Mansion, and will attempt to swallow Luigi whole when he approaches (at which point you have to mash buttons to get out).  They also don't have any weaknesses to normal attacks like the Poltergust 5000 or Strobulb (they're not ghosts after all), so you'll need to find something to fire at them like a projectile.
In most cases, this means you have to find a plant with spiky ball like fruit growing on it, and suck these in with the Poltergust.  Now just fire them at the enemy's mouth, and it'll swallow it and perish.
In Treacherous Mansion on the other hand, you can use a cooked chicken found in the kitchen to take one down.  Yes, this acts just like a spiky fruit and somehow poisons the plant just the same.  Weird.
If you're having trouble getting past them, shine the Strobulb on one to stun it for a second or two and leave some time for you to run past.
Damage Cause by Attack: 5 HP
Green spiky insects first found in the Old Clockworks, these burrow inside sand and snow and attack unwary passers by.  They can also appear out of objects when you examine them.
Attack wise they're not exactly the most difficult creatures to fight, they just either approach Luigi and hide in wait and act like a spike on the floor. However, given how often they come in near endless swarms, they're definitely a pest you want to avoid at all costs.
Just hit them once with a Strobulb flash or suck them in with the Poltergust 5000 to defeat them.
Gold Beetles appear too, these drop a gold bar when hit with a Strobulb flash. However, unlike the normal beetles, these ones run away from Luigi instead of hunting him down.
Secret Mine Critter
Health: Infinite
Damage Caused: Zero, harmless
There's no real name for these things, but they're found in the Secret Mine Chalet in missions 2 and 3 and follow Luigi around near randomly.  They're not really enemies per se (they can't attack him and don't do much other than get in the way), but they are an interesting background species occasionally found in a single mansion.
Gold versions also appear and drop gold bars and notes upon being shot out the Poltergust and hitting a wall.  These turn into purple versions after about three hits.
Damage Cause by Attack: 5 HP


Acts a bit like the bats, except flies away when you approach and doesn't circle to attack.  Gold ones also exist and drop a gold bar upon being blasted with the Strobulb.


Spirit Ball




Blue orb like creatures which appear from any invisible object when you use the Dark Light, these just float around for a while and can be immediately sucked up with the Poltergust 5000 to make said object reappear.


They also do very minor damage (about 5 HP worth) if Luigi accidentally bumps into one.


No advice needed, they're never a true threat.
Basic Ghost Hunting/Enemy Tips
Try and charge the A Pull meter to the fullest whenever possible.  This is because the further it's charged before you shock and capture the ghost, the more gold you get as a result. So:

  • For capturing a ghost without shocking it, you get no gold.
  • For filling up one segment and then shocking the ghost to capture it, you get about three coins.
  • For filling up two segments (to where it goes blue), you get a gold bar
  • For filling up the full meter (so it goes red) and shocking the ghost, you get three gold bars

Obviously, more gold = better.  More gold = better ranks at the end of the mission.  So if the enemy has the health for you to charge the bar to its fullest (aka not an ordinary Greenie), definitely do so.
Capture as many ghosts at once as possible.  There is a limit of three, but you ideally want all three captured in one go.  This is because once you've got at least two ghosts in the Poltergust's pull at once, you'll automatically get a gold bar for every one of them you suck in on top of any you get for chargng the meter.  So if you've got three Greenies and you charge the meter two segments before blasting them with electricity, you'll get about 6 gold bars or 120 gold.  This really adds up in things like higher ScareScraper floors, where you can easily get one or even two or three thousand gold a floor.
Don't try and stand dead still when catching ghosts.  I know, you may be used this from the original game, but the ghosts in Dark Moon come in such great numbers and with such... vicious AI that trying to stand in a corner and reel 'em in one by one will just get you slaughtered.  So pull back lightly, but try and move around the room after the ghost you're catching  while giving it a powerful electric shock whenever the meter fills up.  This will let you get out the way of the enemy hordes and let you avoid attacks more easily.
Similarly, remember to jump when holding/pulling in a ghost.  You can do this by pressing B, and it can easily clear attacks and obstacles!  Hell, you can actually jump right OVER a dormant Creeper or boss warp portal like this!


So there's my ghost guide/tips.  Hope it helps everyone with Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, both in single player and the ScareScraper!


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Posted 09 April 2013 - 03:09 PM

i just wanted to say nice guide. but if its a small room and you cannot move around easy i recommend on Gobbler's that you Flash, Suck, get to first charge only, use it, let go quickly and hit flash again then repeat.  it's one of my favorite tactics to not get hit "USUALLY" lol

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#3 Nin3DS

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Posted 21 April 2013 - 12:31 PM

Updated with new Gold Greenie locations.  Didn't know the one in the Secret Mine Shaft could actually be caught and sucked into the Poltergust (the one carrying a gem in the background).


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